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Designer Dior Designs is a creative design and digital agency based in London working closely with SMEs to deliver creative ideas and solutions for your next big project or existing one helping your business to grow with branding design, graphic design, creative web design and also social media marketing. At Designer Dior Designs we blend our uniqueness and creativity to projects no matter how small or big they are providing our clients with a reliable and personal service, making you feel connected with us at Designer Dior Designs.



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"I hired Dior to help design and re-format a marketing image for posters and flyers for our last theatre show. These kinds of creative collaborations are never straight forward and usually require multiple edits.  Dior not only came to me with ideas of her own, which I really appreciated, but also really listened to everything I asked and responded enthusiastically. She was a consummate professional; never missing a deadline, always staying in communication (sometimes up to several emails in one day),and infinitely patient with our many changes and requests. The final result was a striking image with all pertinent information laid out cleverly and clearly. The company and I were so pleased with the result. It was very high quality and we got loads of compliments on our marketing materials. Dior was a joy to collaborate with. - I would not hesitate to hire her company again. Highly recommended for any graphic design needs" Kaitlin Argeaux (Artistic Director) Théâtre Libre

Kaitlin Argeaux

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